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Klinkt Goed B.V.

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Gooiergracht 63, 1251 VC Laren, The Netherlands

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • No, Shush earplugs are not developed for sleeping. Focus earplugs are sometimes confused with sleeping earplugs but they are not. They are developed to reduce distracting sounds at open offices, to help increase productivity, not to help you sleep better.

    Sleeping earplugs have no filter and sound quality is not important. Also there is no stem that sticks out of your ears so you can lay on one ear comfortably.

  • Our earplugs are designed as ‘universal-fit’. They have a 3-layer mushroom shape, so these universal-fit earplugs are actually three sizes in one, from small, medium to large. If you have a narrow ear canal then it is sufficient to insert only the first mushroom layer. If you have a wider ear canal, you will need to insert the earplugs completely up to the third mushroom layer, in order to seal off the ear canal.

    Shush earplugs have a unique filter positioning inside the earplugs (and not at the end of the stem, like other earplugs). This means you don’t have to push the earplugs all the way in. You will still be well protected if you only insert the first layer!

    Shush comes in one size that fits almost everyone. With approximately 1 out of 1.000 persons the ear canal is too narrow or too wide to fit properly. Of course Shush will always refund in case the earplugs do not fit your ears So if you’re not sure you can always try.

    We always recommend to be careful the first time you insert the earplugs in your ears. You don’t want to push them in too far into your ear. You should always make sure that you can grip the stem to take the earplugs out.

  • The shape and size of each person’s ear canal is different. Just as one ear is larger than another, and one person has a large earlobe and another has none visible lobe at all. ,So too, there are people with small ear canals, people with large ones and of course everything in between. The shape of an ear canal is also never the same for everyone.

    Shush earplugs fit in 99,9% of the cases. We have estimated that approximately 1 in a 1,000 people have an ear canal that is too large or too small and the earplugs therefore do not fit. Of course you will always get your money back if the earplugs don’t fit.

    We always warn people who are using our earplugs for the first time to insert them carefully the first time. For the few people with an ear canal that is too large, it can be unpleasant if you push the earplugs too far into the ear.

    Our earplugs are designed with 3 mushroom shaped layers. As a result, it actually has 3 sizes, from small to large. Shush earplugs are unique because the filter is inside the earplugs, not at the end of the stem like other earplugs. Shush earplugs therefore protect even if you have a small ear canal which only fits the first layer. Due to this position, you do not need to fit the earplugs all the way into your ear to be fully protected.

  • In combination with the venturi shape (funnel shape), Shush offers the best sound experience. The smooth surface offer the least distortion ensures a clear and natural high-fidelity sound. The ceramic filter provides the most reliable attenuation.

  • The high-fidelity ceramic filters preserve a clear and natural sound. Much better than the plastic filters in other earplugs and even more better than the simple mesh filters. The filter is positioned inside the earplug ensuring the best protection, even when insterted only the first layer of the three you are still protected. Much better than other earplugs with the filter positioned at the end of the stem and you have to insert the whole earplug to use it safely. The earplugs are made from comfortable synthetic rubber which is allergy-free and has a much better fit than the smooth surfaced sillicone earplugs.

    Benefits of Shush earplugs compared to other universal-fit earplugs:
    – Ceramic filter (high-fidelity sound)
    – Filter positioned inside the earplug (best protection)
    – Made from comfortable synthetic rubber (Better comfort & better fit)
    – No skin irritation and allergy-free (ultimate comfort)
    – Durable and Eco-friendly with incredible longevity
    – Reusable every day, all day (at least 365 days)

  • Warranty only applies to defects with normal use. You have to clean the earplugs after use and store them clean and dry, preferably inside the aluminum container that came with the earplugs. We only accept returns from unopened packages or after you provided us with proof of defects.

  • In case of a complaint please contact customer service of the (online) retailer where the earplugs were purchased. They will handle complaints and refunds acccording to their customer service policy. If you purchased Shush hearing protection here at the our own website, please e-mail to: [email protected]. Please provide us with a clear photo and description of the complaint or defect along with an order number. You can expect a fast response from us in case of any complaints or warranty claims.

  • The legal warranty applies to all our earplugs. This means that the product must meet all expectations which we promise. This means that the earplugs are at least reusable for 365 days. Also we are very thorough in our designing, production and packaging process. We perform various quality checks during all processes but it could very rarely happen that a product containingh a manufacturing or material defect slips through. In these cases we will ship a new pair of earplugs or offer a 100% money-back qurantee.